Dr. Rudolph Bauer PhD

The Washington Center For Consciousness Studies, founded and operated by Dr Rudolph Bauer PhD and Sharon Bauer Msn, the Washington Center serves as an affiliated sister organization. The purpose of the center being to enhance the study and practice of the art of becoming aware of the nature of our own awareness…of becoming conscious of consciousness itself. Utilizing both the methods of meditation and experiential phenomenology. the object of our personal awareness becomes awareness itself. In our various programs the goals are to learn to hold the awareness state, to enter into this innate immediate field of awareness, to rest deeply in the field and at moments becoming what we are. As Dudjom Rinpoche the great Dzogchen master writes, “Although hundreds or thousands of explanations are given, There is only one thing to be understood- Know the one thing that liberates everything- Awareness itself, your own true nature.” Through meditative practice one can begin to experience the field of awareness itself as the base, and as the medium through which one experiences one’s life and one’s karma. The field of awareness and its primordial qualities slowly, but surely becomes the organizer of our mind and person. The qualities of the field are spaciousness, energy, luminosity and compassion. We begin to feel, think, see and sense through the field…in an word we integrate both our cognitive functions and life experience within the field of awareness. The field itself is completely relational, multidimensional and and infinite in its horizon. Ultimately, the field itself is the oneness of oneness. The Washington Center offers its own online presence at and through their journal