Peter Matthew Bauer

Peter Matthew Bauer is the director of The Laurel Canyon Center For Consciousness Studies.  A practicing astrologer in Los Angeles, California he is also singer and composer and a founding member of seminal New York city art rock band The Walkmen. He has studied Indian or Vedic astrology for two decades beginning with Chakrapani Ullal in Los Angeles California, theology at Boston University and phenomenology and writing at The New School For Social Research. As a child, he was raised in Swami Muktananda’s ashrams in Ganeshpuri, India and upstate New York. His understanding of meditation and eastern philosophy arises through these formative experiences. He has interacted with many other gurus, teachers and healers from any traditions including Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism, Continental Phenomenology and Existential Psychotherapy. Presently, he edits the journal Fifth Sun/Fifth World and also contributes to the journal Transmission:The Journal of the Awareness field of the Washington Center For Consciousness studies.  Peter’s work draws from many traditions and he uses them all as a doorway to a purely experiential and universal outlook.

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