The Laurel Canyon Center For Consciousness Studies was founded to support the work of different artists and contributors whatever their medium. The Center also serves as the headquarters for the archetypal astrological work of its founder Peter Matthew Bauer, and as an LA center for the practices of its other contributors. For more information on astrology readings, archetypal counseling and the work of Peter Matthew Bauer, click here.

Below are present consultations and events offered by other contributors.  To visit the center or to contact us about future events or practices, please email fifthsunfifthworld@gmail.com



Working in conjunction with metallurgist and tarot practitioner Michelle Mae, Peter Matthew Bauer now offers consultations on appropriate gems and other measures to counteract and add balance to the  archetypal energies of one’s life based both on contemporary as well as a Vedic understanding of gem therapies. Michelle Mae can then procure and create one of a kind handmade pieces that for the client based on these consultations.

For more information or to schedule a reading, please email fifthsunfifthworld@gmail.com or call 917-517-2070



Michelle Mae offers Tarot readings in Washington DC and via telephone and email.  She is also a frequent visitor to the Laurel Canyon Center and sees clients in Los Angeles during her travels. Prices for readings are available by inquiry.

For more information or to schedule a reading,

please email fifthsunfifthworld@gmail.com or call 202-213-2582

Michelle Mae served as director of Love Supreme Yoga and has been a long time contributor to the Washington Center For Consciousness Studies. She has studied Tarot with Thomas Caldwell and works with clients to investigate their present field of consciousness in depth and to explore and navigate their present life conditions through the intrinsic awareness of the field. She is presently developing an ongoing therapy exploring radical awareness.

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