Laurel Canyon Center


The focus of the Laurel Canyon Center For Consciousness Studies is an investigation into consciousness as it arises out of art, mystic vision, myth archetype and symbol. Its main question is how spiritual experience can exist in the modern moment, one so encumbered with hopelessness, unrelenting information and technology. How can our skeptical contemporary selves access and reimagine whatever it is that lays hidden? One notion is that of gnosis, the universe arising from the field of one’s own consciousness through synchronistic connection.

The center is envisioned as a place for thinkers, artists and healers from far afield to interact, to get across just exactly what it is they want to get across without boundaries, and to act in ongoing collaboration through seminars, concerts, retreats, and other happenings as well as through its journal Fifth Sun/Fifth World.

Founded by Peter Matthew Bauer, singer, composer,  and a founder of seminal New York art rock band the Walkmen, the center is universal in outlook and welcomes a wide variety of ideas, but its focus is tilted toward a contemporary awakening, one with an artistic as well as a political emphasis. It fears and rejects belief but embraces subjectivity and the outer reaches of the human spirit. It seeks to avoid academic treatise and specialization in favor of the revolutionary and direct.

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