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Tarot’s Dynamic Symbolism

The ability of humankind to navigate life through mythology, ritual, archetypes and the symbolic has been damaged by cultural misapprehension as an attempt by corporate media, etc, to imprison our innate consciousness.  Throughout history, many ancient cultures understood the importance of contacting the sacred through symbol and ritual, of personifying and evoking divine energies, which serve as a universal map of human evolution.  Relating to these universal/spiritual   principles brought forth more oneness between people and with nature itself.  There was a unique, elevated wisdom that crossed cultures and like a finely, woven net of psyche, held the planet and it’s people in a sustainable cohabitation.  Sadly we now live disconnected from one another and have driven our planet into a state of chaos and crisis.

We are in serious need of tapping into the sacred as a human race.  And while ancient forms of accessing inner knowledge become popular again, there is a responsibility to respect the traditional methodology and seriousness of such.  The art of tarot has the extraordinary ability to project and to mirror inner development and transformation through visual representation.  It is a manual of self-expansion and could become a powerful form of therapy today.  But it requires participation…  It shows us ways to pro-actively uncover our hidden talents and how to embrace and transmute our darker areas.  The 22 major arcana represent universal/spiritual human experiences; the minor arcana represent the archetypes of the daily details of life based on self-mastery of the 4 elements, which create all things. 

– Michelle Mae Orr