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Holy Mountain

There is no more obvious first choice for a film that epitomizes the spirit of Fifth Sun/Fifth World than Alejandro Jodorowsky’s metamorphic masterpiece The Holy Mountain. This film is the perfect distillation and further advancement of the idea of synesthesia, or the simultaneous perception of harmonic opposites. Jodorowsky himself is iconic and emblematic as Writer, Director, Actor, Sage, Philosopher, Artist, Visionary, Secularist, Hedonist, and Spiritualist. Wielding the illusory and seemingly far-flung worlds of filmmaking, tarot, astrology, hedonistic enlightenment, altered states of consciousness, visual harmony, aural phantasmagoria, and multi-disciplinary mysticism, into a cohesive monolithic invocation, while simultaneously pulling back the curtain and skeptically questioning the relevance of any and all of it. It is as much if not more an experience than merely a film. This is both pre-requisite and advanced study for anyone interested in any of the aforementioned ideas.

-Quentin Stoltzfus

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