Dear Reader,

Welcome to Fifth Sun/Fifth World, the journal for the Laurel Canyon Center for Consciousness Studies out here in Los Angeles California. There is not too much in front of you yet but it seemed like the right time to get it out there into the world. My hope is that it becomes something more very quickly and in a sense that’s what this letter is about. What can it become?

For now, I envision all of this here as a kind of free for all, different folks throwing ideas at a wall to see what sticks, a stream of different personalities and ideas. In this way maybe it can serve as a place to breakdown some of the barriers between worlds that I’ve always tried to cross between but never felt like there was much sure footing.

It seems to me that art itself is always really an opening into the esoteric, what is hidden, what is secret, what is a mystery at the heart of everything. This notion seems sometimes lost in our present cultural discussions. The cynicism of our shared language becomes a trap. In a similar light, the most interesting thinkers, saints and teachers seem to me those far beyond the beliefs and dogmas so common in the aesthetics of spirituality, themselves no less a product of pure creativity and imagination than the greatest piece of music, the greatest work of art. So it’s my hope that the center arises from this notion, that of the great archetypal field of consciousness, what the French mystic Henry Corbin calls “the realm of creative imagination”. My hope is that this idea evolves into something truly strange, unique and original in the greater landscape.

Included at the onset are several fantastic contributions from filmmaker Vincent Moon, culled from his massive archive of ethnomusicological recordings filmed throughout the world. Also included are contributions from Michelle Mae (The Make Up and Weird War). You can also find her work as a Tarot reader and metallurgist through the center alongside my own. Bill Baird (Sunset, SoundTeam) and Quentin Stoltzfus (Light Heat, Mazarin) add short articles on some of their interests. Several articles and video are featured from our sister organization the Washington Center For Consciousness Studies in DC. Contributions from myself include an article an archetypal astrology and one on Sufism and Henry Corbin.  In the coming weeks, we should have much to add from a variety of new and returning sources. Our first public events and concerts are also right on the horizon.

I also hope to hear from you. Over the last few decades, I’ve spoken to hundreds of people from all over the world, reading their astrological charts and traveling the country as a performer. What I’ve learned is that the world is far more interesting place made of far more varied and interesting people than our public discourse allows. My hope is that this new Laurel Canyon Center and the Fifth Sun journal further help bring this to light.

-Peter Matthew Bauer

To contact Fifth Sun Fifth World and the Laurel Canyon Center please email fifthsunfifthworld@gmail.com

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