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Notes on the Present Election Part I


Dear friends,
Recently, I’ve been discussing the 2016 election with some of my astrological students as we study global prediction. I thought now might be a good moment to begin sending out a few notes on what we’ve discussed. Below is a Vedic astrological view of the present atmosphere of our world as well as a look at the Republican candidate Donald Trump. Part II will discuss his opponent Hillary Clinton.

As covered in my last newsletter on the Mars-Saturn conjunction, much of what we see in terms of world events this year will be colored by the interaction of these two planets. The heavy contractive energies of Saturn hold the fire of Mars, our life force and our will to action, both paralyzing and agitating us all at once. This creates chaos and uncertainty that will continue from February of this year until mid September.  This energy often creates very impulsive and wasteful actions. We want to act, we need to do something but we don’t know what it is, so we act without awareness and out of phase, impulsively or only through crises we have often self created.

Further, it is worth noting that this conjunction takes place in the sign Scorpio, the water sign of Mars. This is a sign of mysticism and of depth arising- of hidden fears, energies, and terror coming up. A particularly terrible and strange symbol of this moment was that of an alligator taking a child from a pond in Orlando, coinciding with the horrific massacre at the night club also in Orlando, and further, a murder of a popular singer also in this city, all in one week.

Scorpio is a sign obsessed with the movement of energy, for good or ill.  It is truly the perfect sign for a politic of crazed passions and hidden fears, racism, small-mindedness and populist energy as we have seen across the political spectrum.

The recent Brexit is another illustration of this moment.  The notion of the referendum, originally put forth by David Cameron just as Mars and Saturn first came together in Scorpio, played out chaotically with little awareness or clarity from either side, nor the media, in the lead up to the vote.

In mid-June, Mars appeared to turn retrograde and thus separate from Saturn in Scorpio, heading back toward its previous sign Libra. While lessening the chaos and confusion of Mars-Saturn, Mars retrograde itself brings its own severe crises forcing action. My hope was that this period would also bring a lot more clarity to present political situations, as well as our own lives. This was correct but said clarity seems to have arisen most unpleasantly. It is a clarity where we suddenly realize all the energy we have wasted.  The results of the Brexit referendum were announced right at the moment when retrograde Mars returned to Libra. Usually astrology is not so cut and dry. All of a sudden the world was faced with a very profound and unpleasant clarity that the UK’s exit would have severe repercussions for the next few years.

Moving forward, Mars and Saturn come back together for the remainder of the summer into the fall. The global atmosphere will continue to be chaotic and crazed with little hope for clarity, the contraction of Saturn agitating the fire of Mars, all in the sign of Scorpio.

So how does this manifest in the present US presidential election? First in the character and campaign of Donald Trump, who’s birth chart resonates most powerfully with this present moment. As George Saunders wrote recently in the New Yorker:

It’s considered an indication of authenticity that he doesn’t generally speak from a teleprompter but just wings it. (In fact, he brings to the podium a few pages of handwritten bullet points, to which he periodically refers as he, mostly, wings it.) He wings it because winging it serves his purpose. He is not trying to persuade, detail, or prove: he is trying to thrill, agitate, be liked, be loved, here and now. He is trying to make energy.

Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946 during a total lunar eclipse. His Moon is in Scorpio, his Sun opposite in Taurus. In Indian astrology, the eclipse points are known as Rahu and Ketu, the head and tail of the snake.  They are considered such powerful energetic points they are like shadow planets, most interesting because they manifest in many ways as shadow itself. It is through these archetypes that we experience the subtle esoteric undercurrent of life. The strange vibrancy of the world at its most wild is Rahu, the nothingness and negation of this vibrancy manifesting as potential space is Ketu.

As Trump is born on a lunar eclipse, his Moon, his perception, how one takes in the world, is within 1 degree of Ketu. His Sun, his ego and charisma, the archetype of the Self, within 2 degrees of Rahu. Further the Moon is considered debilitated in Scorpio.

The consequence of this entire configuration is a man who could not be more completely attuned and ultimately consumed by this present moment. He is at one with it without border, his birth chart resonating both powerfully and dangerously with the times, bringing both enormous fame and the capacity to control and become a mass movement not unlike a cult. He is entirely perceptive of this moment but, equally, he has no reflection. I would posit that he is just as unhinged, neurotic and wild off stage as on. He is the manic crazed chaos of this period, the roar of a crowd, in mass mind, harnessing that energy and becoming it, expressing it as the hidden energies, terror and fears of Scorpio rising up from the depths.

However, this moment it is both powerful for him but also ultimately, quite unprotected. When he is purely riding the energy of the moment he is powerful, when he enters into the narcissistic, petty and revenge based aspects of his personality, he runs into real danger. This may ultimately be his undoing. Such personality traits are manifestations of the lower and unrefined aspects of Rahu and Ketu and can sabotage him in a myriad of ways. People who behave in this way with these planets suffer enormously.  The configuration in Trump’s birth chart points to someone who can be consumed and devoured by the very energy that makes him so resonant. His psyche is both attacking and open to attack. In older language, such configurations are not unlike a possession. Nonetheless, Trump changes major cycles from Rahu (begun in 1998) to Jupiter on November 14, just after the election. Jupiter is a planet of great expansive qualities in his chart. If he has not done himself in entirely by the start of October, this change in cycles shows he really could win.

While much of this is daunting if one is not a Trump supporter, his opponent Hillary Clinton interacts in a vastly different fashion with the present moment and is equally strong in many ways.  We will look at her chart next, as well as at the difficulties and pratfalls of making global predictions.

Thank you for reading,
Peter Matthew Bauer