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Notes on the Present Election Part II



Dear friends,

In my last letter, I offered an analysis of Donald Trump’s candidacy in the upcoming US presidential election from an archetypal and Vedic astrological viewpoint. Ultimately, win or lose, his presence has seemingly encompassed the present year more than any other public figure. One powerful reason for this influence is his seemingly perfect invocation of the ongoing chaos, crises and lack of certainty arising from our present Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio due to his birth during a lunar eclipse along the very same axis. As we focused on in the last letter, the position of this eclipse in his birth chart very much makes him a man of our moment and Trump rides its crazed, vibrant and out of control energy as far as it can take him, unearthing fears and unvoiced energies in our collective psyche, heightening his popularity. In short, this amount of resonance with a particular moment is quite terrifying if you happen to not be a Trump supporter! A saving grace is that he seems to inhabit this atmosphere without any introspection. He is like a runaway train and ultimately, this moment requires real self awareness and self discipline. Instead, Trumps seems so enraptured by this very energy that it often consumes him, thus losing perspective voters through his undisciplined and vengeful blowups. Hillary Clinton, regardless of one’s personal preferences for her or against her, has illustrated a very contradictory and Saturnian power of awareness and discipline throughout her campaign.

Ultimately, when we speak of any given moment from an astrological perspective, we are speaking of something like a general atmosphere that encompasses us, viewing it through the position of the planets at that particular moment. We can try to comprehend and express this atmosphere and its archetypal or mythic nature, but there are always infinite meanings and possibilities at hand. What events and narratives occur are then very much dependent on our own awareness of the energies of the planets and our own holding, invoking and working within the archetypal field in which we exist. The most actualized and liberated individuals are those who express the archetypal tendencies of their births to their highest potential, perhaps even transcending them at certain moments. In one regard, we could describe this as a most innate form of consciousness enacted as will.

To analyze the present election, we can focus on several configurations of importance in Secretary Clinton’s birth chart and juxtapose them with the current transits in the sky. First, we might look at her own natal Scorpio where our transiting Saturn-Mars conjunction continues this year through September which holds both Jupiter and Ketu, the south node of the moon. As the two candidates were born only a year apart, they both resonate with the eclipse energy of Rahu and Ketu along the same axis though Trump, as mentioned above, was born during an actual moment of lunar eclipse. Thus, while Clinton may not have been born at such a peculiar hour and so, does not embody and resonate with the chaos of this moment as fully, she still certainly recognizes and understands it as it is familiar to her.

Furthermore, the interaction of Secretary Clinton’s Jupiter in Scorpio with the Saturn and Mars of the present is very important. Jupiter is a planet of expansion, Saturn contraction. In many lights, this is a difficult and paralyzing transit. It can make one feel at odds within themselves and thus forced to choose a side. In these moments, we can mistake dogma and zealotry for principle. Instead, when Jupiter and Saturn interact, our power truly arises through holding opposition, through recognizing paradox and contradiction, being able to see both sides of the coin. It takes a person of strong intelligence, discrimination and self awareness to see the power in these contradictions. This is what has most impressed me with Clinton during the campaign. Even when pressed into more populist and polemical positions by Bernie Sanders in the primary, she stayed a pragmatic course of building larger coalitions, grinding out votes in a spectacularly Saturnian fashion free from the dramas and excitement that seemed to surround her on every side.

Regardless of one’s political disposition, one can see how this pragmatism and ability to hold opposition has been very good politics for her. From many onlooker’s perspective, this may seem somewhat callous, calculated or even boring in a sense, compared to the wildness of Trump or the populist power of Sander’s primary campaign. Nonetheless, from an astrological perspective of looking at individual truly working with the cards she’s been dealt, Hillary’s campaign appears disciplined, brilliant, and absolutely necessary for her to stand a chance against the waves of turbulence she’s weathered so far and will continue to on through November.

Ultimately, Saturn is the planet of discipline, of calculation,  of compromise and struggle, of slowly pushing the boulder up the mountain. It is the planet of will and realization through struggle and facing reality. It is also truly the planet of democracy at both its best and worst, working for the greatest potential space despite conflict, delay and limitations. Barack Obama has been a particularly Saturnian president: his eye often directed at distant possible changes and gains far down the road. This is why so many interested in revolutionary change have felt so disappointed by his steady and Saturnian hand. It is often in looking back that we can see what Saturn has accomplished.

Secretary Clinton is similar in many regards and her present campaign has illustrated this directed and powerful Saturnian motivation throughout. She has a Saturn-Mars conjunction in her own birth chart which rules her personal relationships as well as sits in her house of career in Cancer. What is most interesting here is to imagine that all the chaos and uncertainty she went through in her marriage years ago ultimately seems to make her much stronger and more aware of the energy and direction needed in the present moment.  It is incumbent that she stays the course and does not slip into the crazed and strange field of zeitgeist and chaos of Donald Trump in the coming days. This would be her undoing.

A further aspect of Secretary Clinton’s natal chart may become more powerful in the coming months leading up to November. She has a powerful 1st house Venus in its own sign Libra, conjunct both the Sun (archetype of the Self and charisma) and Mercury (archetype of intellect and communication). Venus in the 1st house Libra would truly be a powerful position for our first woman president as it truly speaks to the principle of the divine feminine. As of now, from my own observations, this aspect of her chart has only seemed to resonate mostly with her more ardent supporters and briefly during the convention week. Perhaps, as we grow closer to the election, this energy may begin to take on more resonance in the culture than it already has and bring much balance to the country as the election approaches.

To then make a prediction: September 17th marks the end of the Mars-Saturn conjunction begun in February this year. This configuration has caused so much upheaval and drama throughout the campaign as well as in the world. What develops in the next 10-15 days as it comes to an end appears as if it would set the narrative we will see for the remainder of the election into November. It is very possible that in these next few weeks, even more surprises are in store as the conjunction ends.

From October on, Saturn remains in Scorpio which in itself is a particularly transformational moment for Donald Trump. Still, perhaps Mars leaving its side will allow us as a culture to see with more clarity all this last year of chaos has wrought. It would seem that if Secretary Clinton can maintain her lead into early October, she would eventually become president.

A major footnote to this is Donald Trump’s shift in Dasha  (major karmic cycle) on November 14, 2016. He will be leaving the Rahu major cycle which he has been in for since 1998 just post the election. He then enters Jupiter, a planet of expansion and also one of much wealth and power in his natal chart. Again, this is a pretty scary proposition if you are not a Donald Trump supporter! Nonetheless, one reading of this shift is to reason that Trump’s presidential campaign will be enormously fruitful for him, win or lose. Some rumors have already been printed that he might begin a new right wing television network with Roger Ailes. This sort of direction has an incredible amount of potential in his future. First, however, he has to make it through the end of Rahu, which can still consume him with its wild and toxic manifestations.

In any case, I hope you found this analysis informative and if so, please feel free to forward it along to anyone you think might be interested.

Thank you for reading.

Peter Matthew Bauer


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