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The Cosmology of Protest

On January 26, the planet Saturn changed astrological sign. From a sidereal perspective, it entered Sagittarius after more than 2 years in Scorpio. This movement coincides with the continued paradigm shift of the US entering its new major cycle of Rahu, an Indian archetypal idea I wrote about at length in my last letter and best described as a massive awakening of psyche and energy for the nation that is both revolutionary and, at times, apocalyptic, violent and overwhelming.

While Saturn is a planet of profound self realization and self liberation, its previous position in Scorpio was very difficult and magnified by interactions with the planet Mars. This led to a long and chaotic period where basic clarity and self awareness was difficult to access. For many, fears and uncertainty seem to dominate and confusion reigned. Nonetheless, Scorpio was also a sign of great depth and energy. In many ways it served as a harbinger of the Rahu cycle, the collective psyche opening up and erupting.

Saturn’s movement into Sagittarius, our present position, could be quite different. It is a sign of Jupiter, planet of expansion and light, and resonates and grounds Saturn in principle and wisdom. In other words, this new movement allows us to begin to hold the great awakening of the Rahu cycle in the self realizing and self determining field of Saturn by drawing this revolutionary energy into the principle, wisdom, hope and compassion of Jupiter.

As discussed in my previous letter, this Rahu cycle can ultimately function as a great awakening rather than as an apocalypse. In many ways, this awakening arises through the principle of the divine feminine, the divine mother. It is important to stay present and engaged in all that is occurring and to hold whatever happens in this light as it has enormous power for the present moment. We can invoke her archetypes of Kali and Durga in their many forms to eradicate the fundamentalism and dying patriarchy of the current powers that be. Mass protest and collective action based on compassion, empathy and love both align and refine the energy of Rahu into explosive change and evolution.

One warning to note: it is very important that this mass collective experience does not devolve simply into concrete politics and beliefs or worse, the conspiracy and cultism we have seen arising on the far right. It is only through holding paradox and going beyond belief in search of truth that the power of Saturn arises in Sagittarius. The current focus on intersectional feminism on the left is of great importance. This spirit of awakening is lost through factions arising and a lack of empathy clouding the interrelatedness of all struggle and oppression. It is the collective energy of the moment that has the power for change and it arises from the interwoven struggle of so many to experience real freedom.

A profound shift is occurring no matter what comes next. There will be no return to normalcy. This summer can be very difficult as Saturn appears retrograde in Scorpio from May-October and a powerful eclipse takes place in August.  Resistance itself arises from the creative spirit. This cosmology of mass protest and uprising is the greatest manifestation of Rahu in its early stages. It is the act of love cutting through and destroying fundamentalism and fascism. Further, Saturn’s movement now grounds this resistance in self determination, the great power of Saturn so often learned through suffering, chaos, struggle and the weight of time itself.