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Note on Today’s Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017

The eclipse today speaks to much of what has happened over the last two years in the United States and serves as an important catalyst for massive change in our present days to come. In Indian astrological systems, eclipse is represented by the archetypes Rahu & Ketu: the head and tail of the cosmic snake, the Kundalini awakening, the archetypes of shadow, of psyche, of all that is hidden and arising. A central metaphor of the Eclipse is that of the snake momentarily devouring the Sun and the Moon, all becoming shadow.

At this moment, it may useful to consider that the United States as a nation has recently entered into its 17 year Rahu major cycle. In other words, today in many ways encapsulates the governing myth for the coming era. It is an era that holds both a feeling of apocalypse and also one of evolution, awakening and revolution. It is important that we recognize all of its conflicting and potential energies. It is a terrifying and overwhelming moment, but one with much capacity for change and progress.

For our current regime, it is my hope that the eclipse is a powerful reckoning and brings up much of what still remains undercover. It is in these moments where that which is most surprising and shocking may suddenly come to public light. This configuration has the capacity to destroy both Trump and everyone around him.

However, from an archetypal perspective, much of this figure’s power thus far has been drawn from the same dangerous, wild and negative configurations as the present hour.  If Trump is able to survive the coming weeks, we could progress into a far worse scenario. Further, even if he falls, the aftermath will most certainly not be any less chaotic than his term so far, at least for some time. So, in many senses, the eclipse is a powerful time for a personal call to awareness and action.

Today serves as a major marker within a period of retrograde Saturn that continues until early November of this year, almost exactly a year after the election. This period, begun in late June, might be read as a culmination of all the energies of 2015 and 2016. In both our personal lives and as a collective culture, it speaks to our need to reflect and ask ourselves what is it that we have left undone? What more can we do to progress, to overcome what seems almost impossible and paralyzing on so many days? This is ultimately the nature of the Saturn. It teaches us to continue to live and thrive even when times are at their most difficult. It is the archetype of self liberation; realization and action despite all limitations, doing whatever we can despite our struggles.

Any prediction for this eclipse thus points to a time of upheaval and change, one with very negative implications for our present rulers, but one which can swing powerfully in their favor if we allow it. Many astrologers look at events in the weeks leading up to an eclipse, as well as several weeks after, as falling under its control. In this light, the events in Virginia certainly figure in our discussion.

Ultimately in all this chaos, an eclipse brings to light anything that lies hidden and secret. We have seen that already.  As more surprise and chaos is perhaps imminent, try to remember that ultimately, we are seeing the true nature of things. Further, in order to make any true progress towards healing or moving past all that comes up, all that is hidden must be faced.

On a personal level, there is great power in being both conscious and involved, taking action at whatever level you can. It is equally important to stay safe, not take unnecessary risks and to act without vengeance, anger or retribution. This is a moment of both profound nihilism and awakening. Our individual actions help guide this hour toward progress.

-Peter Matthew Bauer