Peter Matthew Bauer Photo by Matt Barrick

Peter Matthew Bauer
Photo by Matt Barrick


Peter Matthew Bauer, director of the Laurel Canyon center offers Astrological Readings and Archetypal Counseling based on an understanding of the underlying field of myth, archetype and symbol as ultimately an entrance into self realization and true self awareness. Readings  are available in the Los Angeles area. Readings can also be done over the telephone or by Skype throughout the world.

Peter Matthew Bauer’s work is informed by a multidimensional understanding of phenomena as found in the work of the French phenomenologist Henry Corbin, the Kashmir Shaivism of Swami Muktananda, Dzogchen Buddhism, and the existential psychotherapy taught by Dr. Rudolph Bauer. He draws both from Vedic astrological systems as learned through the Indian astrologer Chakrapani Ullal and from western Jungian traditions found in the work of Professor Richard Tarnas. He treats astrology as an archetypal language, the planets as the great cosmic energies in our lives. The emphasis is on the planets and our interactions as myth- that which still resonates and embodies our own modern experience of the moment. Through cultivating our own understanding of the planets, we can begin to see our karma as pure potential experience, pure potential space in a greater field of consciousness. As an astrologer and analyst, Peter posits all the world as symbol, and all symbol as a doorway into greater personal realization.


Readings cost $200 and take 1 hr. Clients will need their birthday, birthplace and birth time (when possible) before the reading to make the chart. To make an appointment please email: Telephone  (917) 517-2070.

Readings cover both an overall view of the general planetary energies and tendencies at play in one’s life, while concentrating on whatever is most pressing and in question at the present moment and near future.

1/2 hour readings based on a specific question or concentrating on the timing of events are offered for $100. For timing related questions such as a surgery or a wedding, please provide as much information as one can relating to possible timing in advance.


Through this form of ongoing counseling, one can work to expand on what is first introduced in a single astrological reading. By knowing the archetypal configurations of your psyche as manifested in the astrological chart, one is better able to utilize what is positive, while minimizing the negative forces. The chart shows what areas of life have support and what areas do not. Through ongoing work with the planetary archetypes, one can learn methods and skills to amplify potential growth and to nullify potential destruction. Ultimately, to know the planets and their influence intimately is to know one’s self more truly.

In this way astrological consultation is not simply information based upon predictive assumptions but rather a method of guidance in working with your own mind, your own awareness, your desires, conflicts, past history and future time perspective. By working in an ongoing manner with one’s chart, one enters into an experiential understanding of the myths and archetypal forms that bring forth one’s happiness and suffering. One is unfolding in time and space and can directly enter into this unfolding experientially and reflectively, instead of blindly.

If you are interesting in discussing ongoing counseling in the Los Angeles area or via telephone or Skype elsewhere, please write or call 917-517-2070. Rates and formats of ongoing work are decided on individual basis.

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