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Chakrapani Ullal

Early Saturday morning October 28, 2017 our beloved friend and teacher Chakrapani Ullal passed into the light of consciousness. He was the true master of Vedic Astrology and the teacher to generations of astrologers. He was also the close friend of Swami Muktananda. People from all over the world came to his home to have consultation with him, yogis, public officials, movie stars, businessmen, ordinary people, and people from all religions, and all states of life. He was very private person and a great teacher of philosophy. He was beloved by his wife and son. We will miss him. With gratitude, Peter Matthew Bauer (with Rudy & Sharon Bauer)  

Note on Today’s Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017 The eclipse today speaks to much of what has happened over the last two years in the United States and serves as an important catalyst for massive change in our present days to come. In Indian astrological systems, eclipse is represented by the archetypes Rahu & Ketu: the head and tail of the cosmic snake, the Kundalini awakening, the archetypes of shadow, of psyche, of all that is hidden and arising. A central metaphor of the Eclipse is that of the snake momentarily devouring the Sun and the Moon, all becoming shadow. At this moment, it may useful to consider that the United States as a nation has recently entered into its 17 year Rahu major cycle. In other words, today in many ways encapsulates the governing myth for the coming era. It is an era that holds both a feeling of apocalypse and also one of evolution, awakening and revolution. It is important that we recognize all of its conflicting and potential energies. It is a terrifying and overwhelming moment, but …

The Cosmology of Protest

On January 26, the planet Saturn changed astrological sign. From a sidereal perspective, it entered Sagittarius after more than 2 years in Scorpio. This movement coincides with the continued paradigm shift of the US entering its new major cycle of Rahu, an Indian archetypal idea I wrote about at length in my last letter and best described as a massive awakening of psyche and energy for the nation that is both revolutionary and, at times, apocalyptic, violent and overwhelming. While Saturn is a planet of profound self realization and self liberation, its previous position in Scorpio was very difficult and magnified by interactions with the planet Mars. This led to a long and chaotic period where basic clarity and self awareness was difficult to access. For many, fears and uncertainty seem to dominate and confusion reigned. Nonetheless, Scorpio was also a sign of great depth and energy. In many ways it served as a harbinger of the Rahu cycle, the collective psyche opening up and erupting. Saturn’s movement into Sagittarius, our present position, could be …

Notes on the Present Election Part I

Dear friends, Recently, I’ve been discussing the 2016 election with some of my astrological students as we study global prediction. I thought now might be a good moment to begin sending out a few notes on what we’ve discussed. Below is a Vedic astrological view of the present atmosphere of our world as well as a look at the Republican candidate Donald Trump. Part II will discuss his opponent Hillary Clinton. As covered in my last newsletter on the Mars-Saturn conjunction, much of what we see in terms of world events this year will be colored by the interaction of these two planets. The heavy contractive energies of Saturn hold the fire of Mars, our life force and our will to action, both paralyzing and agitating us all at once. This creates chaos and uncertainty that will continue from February of this year until mid September.  This energy often creates very impulsive and wasteful actions. We want to act, we need to do something but we don’t know what it is, so we act without …

The Conversation Within Astrology

Contemporary understandings of astrology as well as those of other forms of divination will often focus on prediction. Whatever the motivation, no matter how partisan one may be for their subject, such focus finds one arguing for a pseudo-science with little validity, trapped in a concrete and objectivist frame of mind alone when, to speak of divination, is to speak of an esotericism directly antithetical to such argument (Click on the picture for more)


A short film by Fifth Sun contributor and director Vincent Moon. A little village not far from Pucallpa, in the heart of the peruvian Amazon. It’s complete darkness inside the maloca, where the ritual is happening once more. Justina, after singing all night long her icaros, the shipibo chants, suddenly suffocates. She has been healing various patients through the power of the most sacred of all plants.

The Invention of Tape Echo

Les Paul. American ingenuity at its finest. Invented tape echo and multi-track recording out of his garage and then topped the charts with insane, inimitable multi-tracked vocals and guitars. Did I mention he invented the hollow body electric guitar? Hell of a player too. His work is really great combination of engineering and artistry. (click on the photo to watch and listen)

Lên Dong

Short film by Fifth Sun contributor and film director Vincent Moon on a rare trance ritual from the suburbs of Hanoï, a mediumship experience where participants ask for advices to the spirits, incarnated by the master of ceremony, who will in return bless the people and distribute money around.

Robert Ashley Part 2 “Music With Roots in the Aether”

Robert Ashley, the groundbreaking educator and composer whom I’ve written about previously, also created “Music with Roots in the Aether,” a video time capsule of the best avante-garde and experimental composers of the mid-70’s– Phillip Glass, Terry Riley, Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Gordon Mumma, and David Behrman.   Ashley called it a “video opera,” which confuses me a bit.  It feels more like a PBS special, except created by a brilliant stoner post-everything hippie.   Each composer gets their own two hour episode, divided into an hour long interview and an hour-long performance.   “Music with Roots in the Aether” documents those on the leading edge of “new music,” those deconstructing old musical forms and forging the new language of electronic music and experimental composition.   It’s so so so so good.  Here’s my favorite clip.  In it, Robert Ashley and Terry Riley milk one of Riley’s goats and then drink the milk.   They then have a very long, pretty awkward conversation.   Then Riley performs “Shri Camel” in his home under construction.   …