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A short film by Fifth Sun contributor and director Vincent Moon. A little village not far from Pucallpa, in the heart of the peruvian Amazon. It’s complete darkness inside the maloca, where the ritual is happening once more. Justina, after singing all night long her icaros, the shipibo chants, suddenly suffocates. She has been healing various patients through the power of the most sacred of all plants.

Lên Dong

Short film by Fifth Sun contributor and film director Vincent Moon on a rare trance ritual from the suburbs of Hanoï, a mediumship experience where participants ask for advices to the spirits, incarnated by the master of ceremony, who will in return bless the people and distribute money around.

Holy Mountain

There is no more obvious first choice for a film that epitomizes the spirit of Fifth Sun/Fifth World than Alejandro Jodorowsky’s metamorphic masterpiece The Holy Mountain. This film is the perfect distillation and further advancement of the idea of synesthesia, or the simultaneous perception of harmonic opposites… (click the photo to watch the trailer and read more)