Peter Matthew Bauer Photo by Matt Barrick

Peter Matthew Bauer is the founder and a director of The Laurel Canyon Center For Consciousness Studies. He is a singer and songwriter and a founder of New York art rock band the Walkmen. He is also a writer, practicing astrologer and the editor of the journal Fifth Sun/Fifth World. He resides in Los Angeles. (click on the contributor photo for a full biography and links to selected works)

Michelle Mae is a contributor to the journal Fifth Sun/Fifth World. She was a founding member of bands, The Make-Up and Weird War. Michelle is a metallurgist with a speciality in esoteric remedial gems and a tarot practitioner. She served as director of Love Supreme Yoga and has been a long time contributor to the Washington Center For Consciousness Studies. She has studied Tarot with Thomas Caldwell and works with clients to investigate their present field of consciousness in depth and to explore and navigate their present life conditions through the intrinsic awareness of the field. She is presently developing an ongoing therapy exploring radical awareness (Click on the photo for a full bio and links to selected works)

Bill Baird

Bill Baird is a contributor to Fifth Sun/Fifth World. He is a big brick building, and the following are the bricks:  coffee, aspirin, whiskey, the intersection of capitalism and artistic endeavor, popular music, public access television, graphic notation, Walter Murch, conduction, MaxMSP, sympathetic strings, humor, sadness, more….. (click on the contributor photo for a full biography and links to selected works)


Vincent Moon is an independent french filmmaker and sound explorer. He has been making films in the past ten years traveling around the world in quest of sounds, from stadium rock music to rare shamanic rituals, from experimentations in electronics to accapella village songs. (Click on the contributor photo for a full bio and a link to selected works)

Dr Rudolph Bauer PhD

Dr Rudolph Bauer is an existential psychotherapist and along with Sharon Bauer MsN, the founder of The Washington Center For Consciousness Studies. His work can be found at He resides in Washington DC.

Quentin Stoltzfus is a singer, composer and recording engineer who performs under the name Light Heat and formerly, under the pseudonym Mazarin. He has also taught at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. He is an contributor and curator throughout the website and journal and an esoteric thinker of original note. He resides in Philadelphia. (click on the contributor photo for a full biography and links to selected works)